FPSwifter Information

What our software is about, and some insight on how it works.

FPSwifter, a software that maximizes your graphics cards potential, but how does it work? Without revealing too much of our handy secrets that makes our company what it is, FPSwifter is a computer cleansing tool meant especially for your graphics card, no matter the type. After a game session is played on any game, junk files are created and stored in various places, one of with is your graphics cards onboard memory restraining its usage. FPSwifter deletes ALL (cache) junk files in every game played that is stored in various locations on your computer.

Our software when running opens a command prompt window that allows you to see everything that is happening and what junk files from what game is being deleted. FPSwifter software does not remove any game progress for all games (online and offline), or any personal files. FPSwifter is a high-class program that drastically improves a gamers frames per second in no time..

It works without administrative access for some games but, when you download a game, some games require an Administrators password, to be able to delete the junk files within those games FPSwifter would need Administrator rights as well.

If you have had a computer for more than a month and game on it, this software is recommended. After so much cache is stored, it can be overwhelming for your graphics card and will have a lot to be cleaned. In many tests run on various computers, all different years made, all different games played, the program DOUBLED the user's FPS.

The FPSwifter software works by cleaning old cached junk files in thousands of locations on your computer taking up performance and space. FPSwifter removes all the added junk files at lightning speed. Increasing your frame-rates drastically.

FPSwifter does not delete any progress towards any game. Our software only removes cache files (junk) to give your graphics card the potential it deserves.